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Linux Tablet Reviews

Chromo Inc.® 7 -Tablet PC Android 4.1.3 Capacitive 5 Point Multi-Touch Screen - Pink
Chromo Inc

7 capacitive Screen Tablet Android 4.0 1.2GHz 512MB
4GB Webcam Wifi
Model: CHR-2543
Webcam: 1.

Consumer Guide
  • “My daughter loves it.” – murlann
  • “I will be getting a full refund and I’ll never buy cheap crap again.” – jmmyhllnd
  • “It a good item works great it fast and I like that it has a front camera.” – Yvonne

MOTOROLA XOOM Android Tablet (10.1-Inch, 32GB, Wi-Fi)

The Motorola XOOM weighs 25 ounces and measures 9.8 x 6.6 x 0.

Product Research
  • “Regardless of how much better I tell you the Android Honeycomb Operating System is on this Xoom tablet, it will not matter.” – M. J Ricard
  • “Its like anything else, you need to get used to any new complicated software based product, before you really know whether you and it will get along.” – Nanohead
  • “Browser is fast and easy to use.” – Zak

Kurio Kids Tablet with Android 4.0 - 7-Inch 4 GB

The Kurio 7 is the original Android device for families, featuring best-in-class parental controls, kid-safe web surfing, and lots of preloaded apps. This is an all -in-one tablet for kids of all ages.

Expert Advice
  • “Now the replacement needs to be returned and we are going to get him something else.” – Tiana Smith
  • “You cannot download many of the apps from their own store without it crashing.” – Sl Judge
  • “My kids love their tablets we bought 2 one for each of our 6 yr old twins and they loved that they had their own tablet.” – aeleal

SVP® 7 Android Capacitive Touchscreen Tablet (with 8GB Memory Card) Features Google Play Store, Skype, YouTube, Netflix, Camera, Wifi, and G-Sensor!

For Holiday Promotion, from today, we shipp SVP Brand New dual core 7 inch tablet to our dear customer who purshase this product after 14:00pm on Nov-20-2013.

Expert Advice
  • “I have only had this tablet for 8 months and it just stopped working.” – Jamelle Anderson
  • “SVP, i think you guys should take a look at this review and fix the errors i pointed out so that people won’t waste there money anymore.” – Adrienne French MccLain
  • “I’ve had it out of the box 24 hours and the Tablet will not hold a charge.” – Pam Dabney

Chromo Inc.® 7 -Tab PC Android 4.1.3 Capacitive 5 Point Multi-Touch Screen - Light Blue
Chromo Inc

7 capacitive Screen Tablet Android 4.0 1.2GHz 512MB 4GB Webcam Wifi Model: CHR-2542 Webcam: 1.

Product Research
  • “This thing is going into the trash and we will never buy anything from this company again.” – Susan
  • “First of all, I was suppose to receive this tablet on the 21st (before Christmas) but it didn’t even ship out until Christmas day.” – M. Cox
  • “The only issue is the battery doesn’t last long on a charge.” – jdh

Chromo Inc® 7 Android 4.1 Capacitive 5 Point Multi-Touch Screen - Black {New Model September 2013}
Chromo Inc

7 capacitive Screen Tablet Android 4.0 1.2GHz 512MB
4GB Webcam Wifi
Model: CHR-2416
Webcam: 1.

Consumer Reviews
  • “Sorry guys, look elsewhere and do not buy this tablet.” – roger m jones
  • “I bought on April 2013, and I sold it in August 2013 and is not even 6-months old, where is the one year warranty for new items, by the way, this was new tablet.” – ismail adallo
  • “Oh and did I mention that the battery only had about an hour of play time fully charged?” – Honeybeaz

7 Matricom .TAB Nero Tablet PC - Android 4 Capacitive Multi-Touch 4GB (Pink)

About Matricom .TAB Nero:The Nero comes loaded with Google Play Store and ready to run thousands of free apps. The Nero’s multi-touch capacitive screen is responsive and makes Android gaming fun.

Product Reviews
  • “I spent money buying three of these for my grandkids chtistmas and none of them will work now i have to go spend more money so they will have one for christmas.” – chead
  • “I bought it for my 7 year old she love it.” – TeQuila Oliver
  • “One was received with the LCD not working in one corner and it didn’t cost me anything to ship it back, just wish i didn’t have to wait on my refund.” – Angela Harper

NextBook NEXT7P12 7 Capacitive Multi-touch Android Tablet

It’s everything you liked in a tablet, but now it’s running Android’s newest operating system Ice Cream Sandwich. With your new NextBook Next7P12 you can surf the net, play games, or stream videos smoother than ever! In addition, NextBook also comes preloaded with the new NOOK EBook store.

Consumer Reviews
  • “Can’t get any good apps like on Google Play.” – Traci
  • “Next time, I’ll pay the dollars and buy a real tablet.” – bighedge
  • “It’s probably going to be a pain to find a replacement if you lose it or when it breaks.” – maximum verbosity

Arnova 10 501714 10.1-Inch Android Internet Tablet - Black

The ARNOVA brand launched by ARCHOS offers devices with good performance for a very reasonable price. ARNOVA products benefit from all ARCHOS know-how in terms of design and software.

Expert Advice
  • “So if you want more, save your money and get the IPAD which is phenominal but expensive.” – Dennis C. Scheifele
  • “It was beyond the 30 day return policy for the store.” – Dana
  • “It would start to load whatever button you pushed and then immeaditly reload the home page of the app store leaving you looking at the main screen frustrated.” – HrrcnsMc8

Sound Logic Android 2.3 7-Inch 2-in-1 Swivel Netbook and Tablet-in-one (72-5577)
Sound Logic

Bring a touch of technology to your life with this incredible Android 2.3 7 2 in 1 Swivel Netbook/Tablet by SoundLogic .You’ll be able to surf the web and download thousands of amazing apps on the tablet’s vibrant touch screen display, or swivel the screen to use as a netbook with a fully functioning qwerty keyboard .

Linux Tablet Reviews
  • “He told me the name of the company, and I was unable to find a contact number for them.” – PJ
  • “If you can do this DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!” – caleb
  • “The F5 and F6 key pop out off the key board.” – Charles Broady Sr.

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